Learning Access Plan Application

Bond University recognises students may have a disability and / or health related condition that affects their capacity to participate in learning and complete assessment tasks. In order to ensure students are provided with opportunities to realise their full potential, students may apply for reasonable adjustments in support of their academic work.

Once you submit this form, it will be sent directly to the Accessibility & Inclusion Advisor. N.B. Applicants are also required to submit a Health Practitioner Report.

If you are unsure of the adjustments and services you require, contact accessibility@bond.edu.au.
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Welcome to BondAbility online registration form.

This is the first step in connecting with BondAbility and seeking to secure reasonable adjustments for your studies.

If you experience any difficulties completing this form or have any questions around this process, please email us at accessibility@bond.edu.au

Please note that as part of your application, you will be required to provide supporting medical documentation.

If you can’t provide documentation now, please download this Health Practitioner Report and ask your treating Healthcare Practitioner to fill it out.

Student Information

If you are a current student please enter your Bond email address ( xxx@bond.edu.au ).

If you are a prospective student, please enter your preferred email address.

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Supporting Documentation

To support your application, students are required to submit a Health Practitioner Report which needs to be completed by a relevant health practitioner or disability specialist.  This report must provide recommendations for reasonable adjustments that support the functional impact of the condition on the student’s ability to participate in their studies on the same footing as other students. 

For students with learning difficulties, memory and cognitive deficits or visual print difficulties who have not been formally diagnosed, a diagnosis needs to be organised prior to agreeing a Learning Access Plan.

To access the Health Practitioner Report, click here.

Upload supporting medical documentation & Health Practitioner Report

(eg. Health Practitioner Report, Neuropsychological assessment, Education assessment, letter from Psychiatrist, Psychologist, GP letter, other relevant documentation)

To be acceptable, documents must meet the following criteria:

  • No more than 2 weeks old for temporary conditions.
  • No more than 6 months old for fluctuating conditions.
  • Yearly for ADD/ADHD (unless considered permanent by the assessing specialist).
  • No more than 3 years old for learning disability - a psychometric report with a tertiary/adult emphasis.
  • Unrestricted for a permanent disability.

The University requires certain documentation of a student’s disability and/or health-related circumstances in order to prepare a Learning Access Plan for Academic Adjustment. The Learning Access Plan will describe academic accommodations approved for the student. Please visit our website for details of documentation and information required during the assessment process: www.bond.edu.au/disability-support.

Bond University is committed to ensuring the privacy of its students and the confidentiality of any information it collects. Information supplied to the University will only be used for the administrative and educational purposes of this institution. Personal information will only be disclosed to third parties with the written consent of the student, unless otherwise required by law and, where applicable, external authorities involved in the accreditation or registration of professional programs where such information is required as a condition of that relationship.

Please indicate the level of disclosure for your disability and/or health-related documentation:

  • FULL disclosure (permission to release the nature of my condition and its effects on my studies to relevant staff at Bond University, the condition is stated on the Learning Access Plan which is distributed to all relevant staff).
  • Confidential (the condition and its effects will remain known only to the disability staff).

I acknowledge and agree that in order for the Access and Inclusion team to arrange support:

  • All relevant student details and subject information held in the University's student systems, may be accessed by your Accessibility and Inclusion Advisor.
  • My support plan may be shared within the Accessibility and Inclusion team and relevant university staff on a need to know basis (such as your Faculty course Co-ordinator, SASQ Exams team).
  • Relevant information may be shared with a dedicated support person, if one is required.

I am aware my personal information is being collected by the Access and Inclusion team on behalf of Bond for the primary purpose/s of providing BondAbility-related services and reasonable adjustments. Failure to provide this information may result in BondAbility not being able to provide a full range of services or the University to provide adjustments to support me during my studies.

We value your privacy and we have a strong commitment to confidentiality. Bond's Privacy Policy provides further information on Bond's commitment to protecting your privacy. https://bond.edu.au/privacy

Personal information remains confidential and will only be released with your consent, except when:

a) A team member is concerned that you or another person is at risk of harm.

b) The team has a legal obligation to do so, such as under subpoena or court order.